Why should I choose Blue Lagoon Cruises?

We could list hundreds of reasons, but here are a few to get you started:

  • Blue Lagoon Cruises is an adult only premium cruise company allowing you to enjoy your cruising experience in the Fiji Islands in perfect tranquility.
  • We are very good at what we do. With more than 50 years experience cruising Fiji's Islands, we've figured out the winning formula for taking guests to the most beautiful places, showcasing the most rewarding activities and giving our guests the best possible experience in the untouched South Pacific!
  • Our crew are 100% Fijian, which really sets the scene and the atmosphere for what we believe is the friendliest cruise in the world!
  • We have our own private island in the Yasawas called Nanuya Lailai, (4 and 7 night cruises). The deserted beach with its white sand, swaying palm trees and turquoise waters is picture-perfect! At Nanuya Lailai, we get in so close to the beach that we moor off a coconut tree and you can swim to shore!
  • We cruise throughout the unspoilt South Pacific and get you to the hard-to-reach, remote islands where the only people on the beach are you; our passengers.
  • We visit and support traditional Yasawa Island villages, showing you the real Fiji.
  • We introduce our passengers to a traditional Lovo feast under the stars on our own private beach.
  • Our range of activities are endless and all of them fascinating: snorkelling, diving, swimming with sharks or mantarays, hiking and visiting sacred caves, uninhabited islands, and island villages.
  • Shorter cruising time and more shore time is our philosophy and that’s just what you’ll get. We have a maximum 4 hours of cruising a day, allowing you more time on the beach!