Mamanuca Islands

Little gems of the South Pacific

The Mamanuca Islands are true treasures of the South Pacific and are a popular vacation choice for thousands of visitors every year. Many of the islands have resorts on them, but the majority of islands we visit on Blue Lagoon Cruises are uninhabited or only have small villages, and are exclusively for us to enjoy!

Modriki Island

Modriki (pronounced 'Mon-driki') is a pristine little haven. The sand is vividly white, and the water is the clearest blue you can imagine. The island was made famous in year 2000 when 'Cast Away', the Hollywood block-buster movie staring Tom Hanks was released. Modriki is the island at which the movie was filmed, and although Tom's character just wanted to escape Modriki, the last thing you’ll want to do is leave!

With a Blue Lagoon Cruise, you can go ashore and explore the deserted island, sunbathe on the soft sand, or read a book under a coconut tree. You'll probably find you'll be snapping a lot of photos too as this lovely island sure is photogenic! Great snorkelling spots are situated around the island, and our crew will take you on a long boat to the best spots.

The Sacred Islands

Located in the north of the Mamanucas, these four volcanic islands exude an untouched beauty, begging you to dive in and explore! That's just what you can do with Blue Lagoon Cruises and, as we're the only visitors for the day, you'll feel like you've found your very own secluded paradise. Wander the beaches, paddle in the lagoons and just enjoy the feeling of being in this beautiful part of the world!

Eori Island, Navadra Island, Kadomo Island and Vanua Lailai make up the Sacred Island group and are believed to be the birthplace of Fijian culture and legends passed down through history leave these four landmarks highly respected.